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4. Liste de patients d'un 'Autre professionnel' (anglais)
Last Updated 3 years ago

Here is how to generate the list of an "other provider" 's patients (resident, nurse, nutritionist, ...)

In Ofys « Administration », open « Clients », « Advanced Client Search » and « Instant Search ».

In the drop down menu where you can read « Active medications? », select "Client - Inactive?", and then choose "Faux" in the drop down menu to exclude inactive patients.

Then, click on the + at the end of the line to add another criterion. Select « Client - Other providers » and choose the resident name in the drop down menu on the right.


Then click « Rechercher maintenant » at the top left. You will have the list of results on the right, and you can export them in CSV or Excel. If the search takes more than 10 seconds to execute, it will ask you to create a « Recherche différée » that will retrieve the results during the night, to not slow down the servers.

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