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3. Patient-X Erreur
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Patient-X Erreur is a dummy patient to whom lab results are assigned when the real patient is not found in Ofys.

Here are the possible causes for which the real chart would not be found:
1) Error in the NAM in Ofys
2) Duplicate patient in Ofys with the same NAM
3) Error in the NAM in the lab result
4) The result was mistakenly sent to the clinic and was intended for a physician elsewhere.
5) The patient does not exist in Ofys because he was seen elsewhere by the doctor, and the result was sent to the clinic by mistake (instead of the hospital for example).

The result is still sent to the professional's "To see" inbox, but it will be assigned to the chart "Patient-X Erreur".

To assign the lab to the right patient, click on this button at the top right of the lab:


then search for the right patient and apply the change.

If there is an error in the patient's chart in Ofys (e.g., missing NAM, wrong NAM, duplicate chart), the error must be correct so that this doesn't happen again. Please refer to your administrator on that matter if necessary.

If you have received a lab result that is not for one of your patients, please refer to your administrator if necessary.

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