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1.5 Magistral preparation
Last Updated 7 months ago

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To make a magistral preparation, simply type the name of the prescription in the "name" field, without making a choice in the proposed list (click outside of the drug selection window to close it). Then, you must fill in all the other required fields.


Tip: if you regularly prescribe a certain magistral preparation, add it to your favorites (click on "Ok" and then on the star at the end of the prescription). This way, you won't have to redo it manually every time.

You can also write a prescription on a form. Take the one called "Billet de prescription". Once completed, it can be faxed or printed and given to the patient.

If you prefer, you can make the prescription in the "Devices" section of the visit. Here, there are fewer mandatory fields to fill in (you won't have to enter force, route, format or frequency).


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