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The Xacte medical billing software is integrated with Ofys, allowing you to bill to the RAMQ or send to your billing agency directly from your EMR! After writing a visit, a simple click opens a new payment request, pre-filled with the information transmitted by Ofys.

This kind of integration saves time and eliminates the risk of errors and oversights!


There is no charge on Ofys' side for using this integration. For information on Xacte licenses and services, please contact

Tutorial (available in French)

Xacte - overview

Technological innovators

Pioneers of digital billing in Quebec with mobile application and product team

Experts in medical billing

More than 60 consultants with ongoing training and analysis of RAMQ rules

Number 1 in terms of growth

Xacte submits billing for over 4,500 physicians, including over 1,000 general practitioners


You can consult the attached explanatory document on invoicing with Xacte (note that the details may have changed and are to be validated with Xacte).


If you already have a license with Xacte for your billing, please write to and CC to to request to activate the Ofys-Xacte integration and to send you the username and API password you need to enter in Ofys.

In your email, you must include the following information:

1. Your first and last name
2. Your license number (5 digits are sufficient)
3. Your practice location (clinic name or facility number if possible)

They will send you your login information, that you will need to enter in Ofys (API username and password).

If you do not have an Xacte license, you may contact


Configuration in Ofys

Next, here is how to configure your account in Ofys in order to activate the integration:

1) Clinic configuration

First, your clinic's facility number must be entered in the worksite file. For most first-line clinics, this will already be entered as it is required for RAMQ synchronization of registered patients.

The site can be modified by an administrator user. Simply open the worksite file and add the establishment number in the corresponding box in the "RAMQ Registration" tab.


2) User configuration

Next, you must enter the connection information received by Xacte in your Ofys user file.

To access it, simply click on the pencil in the Ofys Pro dashboard.


In the User section, please select the "Xacte" or "MultiD" option in the RAMQ billing drop-down menu, then enter the username and password provided by Xacte.
If applicable, please enter your agency number and your administrative group number in the "RAMQ and RVSQ" section of your profile.

After saving your profile, please log out and log back in to Ofys.
Your Xacte account is now linked to your Ofys account!



You will now see a dollar sign above the visits you have written or participated in.


A simple click will open a new payment request in Xacte, pre-filled with the information transmitted by Ofys.

You can then use keyboard shortcuts to quickly enter the codes or use the magnifying glass to search through the list. To add a second code, use the down arrow.


You can also have your castonguette customized by Xacte to automatically display the most common code choices to save time.

As soon as you save, Xacte displays the total amount of the invoice and notifies you if there is an error in the selection of codes or if additional codes can be billed, even before sending to RAMQ.


You can then submit the bill to your agency, send it to RAMQ, or leave it on hold to confirm its submission later.


Then, simply return to Ofys Pro, without closing the Xacte window. When you click on the dollar sign again in the next patient, the window will instantly come back into focus and you will be able to complete the new request without delay.

If you click on the $ sign again in a visit, the invoice linked to it will open, so you can check its information or modify it.

If you work with two screens, it can be convenient to move the Xact window to the second screen!

Xacte account

At any time, you can access your Xacte account via the house icon.


Payment requests made from the EMR can be imported into your Xacte grid along with the other billed items in order to validate the amounts and invoices before sending.

Click on "Actions" and select "Importer - DP (Mobile ou unitaire)".


Visits and invoices report


From your Ofys Pro dashboard, you can generate a list of visits written for a given period and their related invoice if applicable. Click on this button to generate the Xacte billing report.

Choose a date range and click on "Generate".

The report produced shows all the visits written during the specified date range and indicates whether an invoice has been created for each, as well as its status. If you have forgotten to bill a visit, you will see it immediately as it will be in red. The total amount billed is also displayed.


For more information on using Ofys, please contact our support team at and one of our experts will be happy to answer your questions. For more information on the Xacte billing tool, please contact

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